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Linda Eckhoff, Bob Dylan fan from Wilmette, IL, USA

“lying on the living room floor, closing my eyes I could see him in my mind, then mom would walk by and wake me up and say stop that..... I could here lay lady lay girl from the north country. I was sure he was writing to me ..........”

November 26, 2011

“so many great thoughts of BobDylan hard to know where to start. First was connected with him when i learned folk song and played with a group of male picker and strummers. I was 10, all I could do is look at my quitar. I lookes up and saw a curly haird man with his head tilled to one side. He touched my hand when he handed me my quitar case. The image stuck with me , then the album picture was exactly like my image of him. I live in that album. lying on the living room floor listening and dreaming.” November 25, 2011

“Bob Dylan your in my head I want to meet you so bad!!” May 25, 2011

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Linda Eckhoff has been a Bob Dylan fan for 47 years now, since she was 10 years old in 1969