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Monday, February 29

“Hello, fellow loyalists! My name is Katie, and I work at Weeva. We put together art-quality books, and one of our current projects is called "Letters to Bob Dylan." Here is a link to the project: The goal is to get as many fan letters as possible, so we can send the book to Bob this May for his 75th birthday. Interested in writing a letter, or helping us share this project with other Dylanologists?” Send me a message or an email for more info -” (Katie Kutsko from USA)

“Hello, fellow loyalists! My name is Katie, and I work at Weeva. We put together art-quality books, and one of our current projects is called "Letters to Bob Dylan." Here is a link to the project: The goal is to get as many fan letters as possible, so we can send the book to Bob this May for his 75th birthday. Interested in writing a letter, or helping us share this project with other Dylanologists?” (Katie Kutsko from USA)

Saturday, October 17

“Hello to all Bob Dylan fans from Hamburg” (Wolf Zerkowski from Germany)

Tuesday, September 8

“hey hello here is the best bob dylan photos ever (UĞUR ORAL from )

Tuesday, May 5

“Bob Dylan fans might want to know that a new movie about Dylan’s a unique take on previously unknown Bob Dylan lyrics staring T BONE BURNETT, ELVIS COSTELLO, RHIANNON GIDDENS, TAYLOR GOLDSMITH, JIM JAMES, AND MARCUS MUMFORD. The DVD, BLU-RAY, and DIGITAL FORMATS is out May 26, 2015 by Eagle Rock Entertainment! (Nathaniel Oberstein from USA)

Thursday, April 16

“Love him and pray for him.” (Kathi Ryks from USA)

Monday, January 19

“Hello. My name is Bruce and I have been a Bob Dylan fan since I heard Like a Rolling Stone on the radio. Check out my blog at and search for my posts on Dylan.” (Bruce Slutsky from USA)

Monday, December 8

“Went to see Dylan at the Beacon Theatre last week. It was an AMAZING show, I found this really good review with some live videos, "Stay with me" is an actual video of the show while the others are audios. Check them out, worth the read. (Christian Ramirez from USA)

Thursday, November 20

“Well, if you, my love, must think that-a-way I’m sure your mind is roamin’ I’m sure your heart is not with me But with the country to where you’re goin’” (Alessandra Silvestrini from Italy)

Friday, August 15 (Ed Ricardo from Cuba)

Saturday, July 12

“Music is good for the soul.” (Todd Petershagen from )

Tuesday, July 8 (Chris Baigent from New Zealand)

“Hi Im Channelling and Dylanesquing! Im the No1 Fan challenge me on my faceook site No1DylanFaninNewZealand Chris Rivers Baigent @ No1DylanFanNZ1 twitter” (Chris Baigent from New Zealand)

Sunday, June 8

“"Ive been deceived by the clown inside of me". Again.” (Marcus Marsden from Singapore)

“Wembley 84 was my first” (Marcus Marsden from Singapore)

Monday, March 17

“so gald to become part of this fans world” (Csar Carrasco from Switzerland)

Friday, November 8

“Join us for coffee at the EDLIS Café (Ed Ricardo from Cuba)

Monday, November 4

“also am a member of a lot of bob dylan facebook groups.wishing everyone good health and happiness. greetings from the netherlands.” (Johan De Jong from Netherlands)

“fantastic group nice website.” (Johan De Jong from Netherlands)

Monday, August 5

“There is a Dylan line for just about every situation.” (Francis King from USA)

Older fan postings:

Sunday, July 7

“Hello Bob Dylan fans!” (Connie Bolger from USA)

Wednesday, July 3

“Looking forward to see this man in Stockholm in October.” (Johan Hallgren from Sweden)

“Where the angels' voices whisper to the souls of previous times.” (Johan Hallgren from Sweden)

Friday, April 26

“Todo un placer saludarte Nicole” (Quino Castro from Spain)

Thursday, April 11

“What do you call a Bob Dylan fan? (e.g. Doctor Who fan is a Whovian, Harry Potter fan is a Potterhead, Twilight Fan is a Twihard)” (Ham Kirkham from England)

Saturday, December 29

“Bob Dylan is my god.” (Sergio Lolini from Italy)

Tuesday, December 18

“Cada 100 años sale 1 Bob Dylan” (Joan Ferreras from Spain)

Friday, July 6

“Just completed my bootleg series collection for my 30th Birthday!! Been listening to it nonstop!” (Jeremy Burton from USA)

Thursday, May 10

“Dylans song roam my head day in and out” (GudniFreyr Ingvason from Iceland)

Saturday, May 5

“welcome to our world!” (Sam Lawrence from New Zealand)

Friday, April 13

“46 yrld from vargön sweden ,” (Stefan Sjblom from Sweden)

Wednesday, March 28

“Hi My name is Joe and i am a fan of Bob Dylan.” (Joseph Neely from England)

Friday, February 10

“Dylanesque are playing the Cavern Club Liverpool on Friday 24 th February tickets from the Cavern club” (Paul Taylor from England)

Wednesday, November 30

“Long time Dylan fan from UK, looking forward to this site” (Paul Williams from England)

Saturday, November 26

“lying on the living room floor, closing my eyes I could see him in my mind, then mom would walk by and wake me up and say stop that..... I could here lay lady lay girl from the north country. I was sure he was writing to me ..........” (Linda Eckhoff from USA)

Friday, November 25

“so many great thoughts of BobDylan hard to know where to start. First was connected with him when i learned folk song and played with a group of male picker and strummers. I was 10, all I could do is look at my quitar. I lookes up and saw a curly haird man with his head tilled to one side. He touched my hand when he handed me my quitar case. The image stuck with me , then the album picture was exactly like my image of him. I live in that album. lying on the living room floor listening and dreaming.” (Linda Eckhoff from USA)

Monday, October 31

“Hello everybody.” (Thad Allen from USA)

Wednesday, October 26

“Hello to all” (Peter Ashbrook from England)

Monday, October 17

“Immediate fan once I heard Times They Are A Changin'.No other Artist since has made the same impact on me. I am also interested in meeting or talking to other Dylan Fans” (Alan Irwin from Northern Ireland)

Sunday, October 2

“It’s just amazing that I’m now just getting to know Dylan. Where have I been all these years?” (Poe Nigma from USA)

“THe SiNGLe MoST eNiGMaTiC SYMBoL THaT iS So BiNDiNG YeT So LiBeRaTiNG iS THe " ? ". MaNY QueSTioNS aRe HeLD iN CHaiNS aND oFTeN FaLL BY THe WaYSiDE. Due To THe STRoNG PeRCePTion oF uNQueSTioNaBiLiTY, We aRe MaDe To eNDuRe a LiFeTiMe oF CeaSeLeSS CoNuNDRuMS WHiLe a ToWeRiNG FaCaDe oF "VaLiDaTeD" iLLuSSioN iS eRReCTeD. a BLiSSFuL PuRSuiT To aN uNKNoWN QueSTioN, YieLDS a FRuiTLeSS aNSWeR. DeSPiTe oF THe LiNGeRiNG ReSeRVaTioNS, We aRe MaGNaNiMouSLY CoMPeLLeD To BeLieVe THaT WHaT iS PRoMiNeNTLY PRoPoSeD, iS THe CoMPLeTe aND uTTeR TRuTH. THe VaGaRieS oF LiFe, HoWeVeR DiSCoNCeRTiNG, eXTReMeLY SuPeRSeDeS oNe'S iMaGiNaTioN aND iLLuSTRaTeS MaN's FuTiLe aTTeMPT To HiDe THe "TRuTH". NoT WiTHSTaNDiNG iTS CoRReLaTioN To a CeRTaiN DeSTiNY, iT iS RaTHeR PLeaSiNG To LiVe a LiFe FuLL oF uNCeRTaiNTY, THaN To LiVe a LiFe DeSTiNeD FoR iMMoRTaLiTY CReaTeD BY THe uNYieLDiNG SuPeRFiCiaL MiND oF HuMaNiTY. THe SoLuTioN THeReFoRe To aN aNCieNT QuEsTioN oF "WHo iS RiGHT aND WHo iS WRoNG", iS a ReSouNDiNG aNCieNT aNSWer; "THiS Too, SHaLL PaSS" WHiCH iN THe LiGHT oF DaY, SHouLD eND aLL iMPaSSe.” (Poe Nigma from USA)

Monday, September 5

“woooo!” (Marissa Malloy from USA)

Friday, September 2

“Bob dylan is amazing !” (Pamela Rivas Ibarra from Peru)

Friday, August 26

“Forget the Hibbibg house pic ... saw Bob in Philly last week ,,, maybe my 25th Dylan show since Jan 1974 ... one of the strongest ... let's move on with the Nobel prize!” (John Pilecki from USA)

“I have a better pic of the Hibbing house which I took summer of 1975, will send it as a second profile photo” (John Pilecki from USA)

Thursday, August 18

“Mr Tambourine Man ,Headed for the windy beach. Still need you to play a song for me. Still want to come following you.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Wednesday, August 10

“My love speaks like silence. A gunslinger without violence. We are bound togeather, my love, and all else is diminished.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Wednesday, July 20

“Feeling low, like I am always wrong. Encouragement is taken for saying too much. I guess my conclusions should be more drastic, and I should just shut up.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Sunday, July 17

“The Summer seems so long, but your love comes on so strong. Play that harp, it blows the blues apart” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Friday, July 15

“You have no replacement. There has never been anyone but you. If you held me for a gazillion years, It would never be enough!!!” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Thursday, July 14

“I should have left this town this morning. but it was more than I could do. Oh your love comes on so strong, and i've waited all day long. For tonight when I'll be staying here with you.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Friday, July 8

“"Throw my ticket out the window, Throw my suitcase out there too, Throw my troubles out the door, I don't need them any more 'cause tonight I'll be staying here with you.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Thursday, June 30

“I'm selling limited edition Bob Dylan card games. 10 euros plus post. Contact me at,” (David Keys from Slovakia)

Tuesday, June 28

“It is hard for me to talk to you when I am starting to count on something that may not happen, yet."When the night comes falling from the sky"and I've got" no direction home yet" "How does it feel?" Like I am just not good enough and never will be!!!"You left me standing in the doorway crying, suffering like a fool"” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

“I've been reading some great reviews. Too bad some people make a big deal about you talking to the audience. You are there to give an amazing concert, not make a speech! You have so much more to say than that. They just need to delve into your lyrics, and listen to your lament, your intensity, your images of the mind.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Saturday, June 25

“4 concerts in a row in different citys! I hope you can sleep on the bus. 5 concerts left in seven days. Then the bottom drops out again. When will the mountain be washed to the sea? When will some people be allowed to be free? Waiting till August seems like climbing Mt. Everest. using crutches!!” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

“Sadness turned to happiness."Make you feel my love" made me weep again. "I could make you happy make you happy Make your dreams come true Nothing that I wouldn't do Go to the ends of the earth for you TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE"” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Thursday, June 23

“I choose my path. It is not forced on me. It is not something I suffer under. I may feel inadequate and unsure of the method but the goal is so much more wonderful than anything I could have have imagined. The world that has been created by a lifetime of give and take, love and ecstasy, overpowering, overwhelming. Taking two people to the very edge, and drowing back again. What is this tie that binds our very souls? I can't answer that except to say it is as primeval as the very gravitational pull of the earth. It pulls me to YOU, MY LIFE!!!!!. It was you who understood.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Tuesday, June 21

“Looking for the path to find my way. How to chase a comet, with my feet of clay? In the summertime when you were with me.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Saturday, June 18

“Just read a couple of great reviews from fans of the Cork concert.Went into fantastic detail of the event and day. almost as good as being there. Felt like I had a seat in somebody's pocket, with dancing feet and amazing abilities to be reborn. May you stay forever young!!!” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Friday, June 17

“The set list is upfor cork concert!!!Love your words." the vagabond who's rapping at your door is standing in the clothes that you once wore Its all over now babyblue"” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Wednesday, June 15

“Lucky Irish. Have a GREAT tour!!!” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Tuesday, June 14

“Hi!” (Nichole Hersey from USA)

Friday, June 10

“another hot spring! heard the crickets singing the other night. they usually don't come out till mid summer. Maybe we will have an early fall also. The locusts sang off in the distance. the locusts sang and they were sanging for me!!!!” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

“Wrote a birthday message to Bob on expecting Rain. Need a new place. Couldn't find Gazilliondylanfans. Milliondylanfans good too.” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Thursday, June 9

“I can make it through, you can make it too” (Babyblue Forever from USA)

Monday, May 30

“Gracias a Bob Dylan conozco la poesia musical.” (Jose Juan Lavilla from Spain)

Thursday, May 26

“Ode to BD on 70th. some saw it someways others saw it otherways everyone saw it everyways many didn’t see all realize you brought us, all the ways” (John Preble from USA)

Wednesday, May 25

“Bob Dylan your in my head I want to meet you so bad!!” (Linda Eckhoff from USA)

“Ode to Bob on 70th: some saw it someways others saw it otherways everybody saw it everyways many didn't see all realize you brought us all the ways” (John Preble from USA)

Tuesday, May 24

“i like bob dylan I play bob dylan song” (Domenic Stefan from Italy)

“Happy Birthday to Bobby!” (Linda Campbell from USA)


“It's a happy 70th birthday for Bob Dylan - and a happy day for collectors Few rock 'n' rollers can boast a legacy like Bob's - and here's why you as a collector stand to benefit... (Alex Manford from England)

“Hi there, My name is Alex and I've been a fan of Bob since I first heard Time Out of Mind sometime or other in the late '90s. By day I write for a music memorabilia news website, which includes recurring appearances by You Know Who... Alex” (Alex Manford from England)

“Wow unbelievably the legendary music idol Bob Dylan is 70 today. Jeego want to make it a super special one by seeing if we can send him the most ecards ever – send him this cheeky one free - send via Twitter to @bobdylan or to his facebook - . We are celebrating Bob Dylan’s Birthday in the Jeego Studio with a Bob Dylan Playlist! If you are a Spotify user why not join us & check it out at (Love Jeego from England)

“Hi, there, everybody ! I`m a long-term Dylan-Fan and I just came to this website and I want to start with: A VERY HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY TO BOB !! Ewald” (Ewald Spanner from Austria)

“A Million Dylan Fans?” (Patti Keegan from USA)

“Happy 70th Bob! Many more!!!” (Patti Keegan from USA)

“Music Keeps The World Spinning” (David Watts from USA)

“Hello BD fans around the world.” (Saundy Cohen from USA)

Monday, May 23

“Hello fellow Dylan fans. It's great to be here with all of you.” (Ray Angely from USA)

“Love Love Love” (Polly PureBread from USA)

“Keep er lit Bob.” (Robin Bell from Northern Ireland)

“Hard to believe Bob's 70. He's timeless, may his creative spirits never fade...” (Michael S. Hofer from Austria)

“Awesome, here just in time for his birthday!!!” (Ana Morris from USA)

“the first ticket I bought to see Bob cost $6.50 and Bob didn't make it because of his motorcycle accident.” (Dennis Janes from USA)

“EDLIS Caf (Ed Ricardo from Cuba)

“so glad to be here” (Marisa D'angelo from USA)

“Bob Dylan Forever” (William Pepper from USA)

Sunday, May 22

“To Bob's fans and followers, Scorcese's No Direction Home brought me to Bob in 2005, and I'm so glad. His story and music blew me away- I guess Hattie Carroll and Last Words on Woody Guthrie made him soar way past any musician or entertainer that I knew. I was a teen in the 60's and knew of him, but wasn't interested - I liked Motown, Elton John, Carole King, Moody Blues- but I did like John Mayall, so I wasn't completely hopeless. :( I love going to his concerts, time is transcendent. I've met great fans through Expecting Rain making concert going awesome. Here's to meeting some of you along the Bob highway!” (Karen D Moulton from USA)

“May you stay forever young!” (Vera Chen from China)

“to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free” (Jack Chromey from USA)

“happy birthday bob you have done it with dignity” (Michael Bell from England)

“Bob, May you stay forever young...From France” (Everling Franz from France)

“When I first started listening to Bob back in the 1970's I couldn't possibly imagine that he'd still loom so large in my life when he reached his 70th birthday. Thanks for all the music, Bob, and for giving us so much to think about. Forever Young. Most recently listening to: Thin Wild Mercury bootleg (last night)” (Singing Bear from Wales)

Thursday, May 19

“"The ghost of electricity howls in the bones of her face"” (Mark McGovern from Ireland)

“will love Bobs music til I die” (Michael Brenner from Germany)

Wednesday, March 16

“right on target so direct” (Sarah Daw from England)

Saturday, February 5

“I'm a brazilian Bob Dylan fan.” (Sergio Pinho Alves from Brazil)

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